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The infrastructure of accountability : data use and the transformation of American education / edited by Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Stacey A. Rutledge, Rebecca Jacobsen.


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Publication date:
Cambridge : Harvard Education Press, 2013.
  • Book
  • xiii, 287 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foreword / Jeffrey R. Henig
  • Introduction : Mapping the information infrastructure of accountability / Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Stacey A. Rutledge, and Rebecca Jacobsen
  • Paradoxes of data-driven school reform : learning from two generations of centralized accountability systems in the United States / Henirich Mintrop and Gail L. Sunderman
  • Trust and numbers : constructing and contesting statewide student information systems / Dorothea Anagnostopoulos and Juanita Bautista-Guerra
  • Accidental revolution : teacher accountability, value-added, and the shifting balance of power in the American school system / Chris Thorn and Douglas N. Harris
  • Money and measures : the role of foundations in knowledge production / Janelle Scott and Huriya Jabbar
  • Governing with data : the role of independent review panels in urban districts / Kenneth K. Wong
  • "Numbers speak for themselves" : data use and the organization of schooling in two Florida elementary schools / Stacey A. Rutledge and Brenda Gale Neal
  • New data, old patterns : the role of test scores in student assignment / Lora Cohen-Vogel, La'Tara Osborne-Lampkin, and Eric A. Houck
  • What makes a "good" school? : data and competing discourses in a multilingual charter network / Lisa M. Dorner and Angela B. Layton
  • Technologies for education and technologies for learners : how information technologies are (and should be) changing schools / Richard Halverson and R. Benjamin Shapiro
  • A tale of two tests : test scores, accountability, and inequality in American education / Jennifer Jennings and Heeju Sohn
  • Do good grades matter? : public accountability data and perceptions of school quality / Rebecca Jacobsen and Andrew Saultz
  • Conclusion: the infrastructure of accountability : tensions, implications, and concluding thoughts / Stacey A. Rutledge, Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, and Rebecca Jacobsen.
Anagnostopoulos, Dorothea.
Rutledge, Stacey A.
Jacobsen, Rebecca.

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