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Computer science and ambient intelligence / edited by Gaëlle Calvary, Thierry Delot, Florence Sèdes, Jean-Yves Tigli.



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London : ISTE, 2013.
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  • Book
  • xv, 335 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Ambient Intelligence: Science or Fad? / Joelle COUTAZ and James L. CROWLEY
  • Thinking about Ethics / Anne-Marie BENOIT
  • Sensor Networks / Jean CARLE, Michael HAUSPIE, Nathalie MITTON, Tahiry RAZAFINDRALAMBO and David SIMPLOT-RYL
  • Smart Systems, Ambient Intelligence and Energy Sources: Current Developments and Future Applications / Georges AKHRAS and Florence SEDÈS
  • Middleware in Ubiquitous Computing / Vincent HOURDIN, Nicolas FERRY, Jean-Yves TIGLI, Stéphane LAVIROTTE and Gaëtan REY
  • WComp, Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing and System Focused Adaptation / Nicolas FERRY, Vincent HOURDIN, Stéphane LAVIROTTE, Gaëtan REY and Jean-Yves TIGLI
  • Data Access and Ambient Computing / Thierry DELOT and Marie THILLIEZ
  • Security and Ambient Systems: A Study on the Evolution of Access Management in Pervasive Information Systems / Dana AL KUKHUN and Florence SEDÈS
  • Interactive Systems and User-Centered Adaptation: The Plasticity of User Interfaces / Joëlle COUTAZ, Gaëlle CALVARY, Alexandre DEMEURE and Lionel BALME
  • Composition of User Interfaces / Gaëlle CALVARY, Anne-Marie DERY-PINNA, Audrey OCCELLO, Philippe RENEVIER and Yoann GABILLON
  • Smart Homes for People Suffering from Cognitive Disorders / Sylvain GIROUX and Hélène PIGOT
  • Pervasive Games and Critical Applications / Isabelle ASTIC, Coline AUNIS, Jérome DUPIRE, Viviane GAL, Eric GRESSIER-SOUDAN, Christophe PITREY, Matthieu ROY, Françoise SAILHAN, Michel SIMATIC, Alexandre TOPOL and Emanuel ZAZA
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems / Mikael DESERTOT, Sylvain LECOMTE, Christophe GRANSART and Thierry DELOT
  • Sociotechnical Ambient Systems: From Test Scenario to Scientific obstacles / Georges DA COSTA, Jean-Pierre GEORGÉ and Marie-Pierre GLEIZES.
Tigli, Jean-Yves, editor of compilation.
Sedes, Florence, editor of compilation.
Delot, Thierry, editor of compilation.
Calvary, Gaëlle, editor of compilation.
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Computer engineering series (London)

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