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Moral imperialism : a critical anthology / edited by Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol.


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Publication date:
New York : New York University Press, c2002.
  • Book
  • xii, 400 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, Christy Gleason
  • Imperial humanitarianism : history of an arrested dialectic / Gil Gott
  • Toward a multicultural conception of human rights / Boaventura de Sousa Santos
  • Orientalism revisited in asylum and refugee claims / Susan Musarrat Akram
  • Homophobia/heterosexism in African Americans: internalized racism and African American lesbians and bisexual women / Beverly A. Greene
  • Children and right to a fair trial : exploring the relationship between first- and second-generation human rights / Johanna Niemi-Kiesiläinen
  • Domestic and international adoptions : heroes? villians? Or loving parents? : the race and nationality precepts as explanations for international adoptions / Sharon Elizabeth Rush
  • Economic globalization and the redrawing of citizenship / Saskia Sassen
  • Recognition of the individual : a human rights perspective for international commerce / Claire Moore Dickerson
  • Rerouting the race to the bottom? : transnational corporations, labor practice codes of conduct, and worker's right to organize : the case of Nike, Inc. / Tim O'Connor
  • Both work and violence: prostitution and human rights / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol and Jane E. Larson
  • Policing the boundaries of truth in narratives / Elizabeth Fakazis
  • Imperial knowledge : science, education, and equity / Kathryn Scantlebury, Elizabeth McKinley, and Joce Jesson
  • U.S. policy on "female genital mutilation" : threat of economic pressure internationally, enactment of criminal sanctions at home / Holly Maguigan
  • Bridging false divides : toward a transnational politics of gender / R.W. Perry, L. Amede Obiora
  • Membership denied : an outsider's story of subordination and subjugation under U.S. colonialism / Ediberto Román
  • Moral high ground? : the relevance of international law to remedying racial discrimination in U.S. immigration laws / Kevin R. Johnson
  • Indigenous peoples' human rights in U.S. courts / Eric K. Yamamoto, Carrie Ann Y. Shirota, Jayna Kanani Kim
  • Climate change, opinions, and imagination: toward a new ethic of curiosity / Mary Loring Lyndon
  • Immigration, poverty, and transnationalism : the changing terms of citizenship in a global economy / M. Patricia Fernández-Kelly
  • Human rights, globalization, and culture : centering personhood in international narrative / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol.
Hernández-Truyol, Berta Esperanza.
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