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Characterization and development of biosystems and biomaterials [electronic resource] / Andreas Öchsner, Lucas F.M. da Silva, Holm Altenbach, editors.



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Publication date:
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2013.
  • Book
  • 1 online resource : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Influence of Al2O3/Pr Nanoparticles on Soil, Air and Water Microorganisms / Paweł Polis, Paulina Mosdorf, Ewa Karwowska
  • Hardness Improvement of Dental Amalgam Using Zinc Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles / Noorhana Yahya, Poppy Puspitasari
  • Review of Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Fabrication / Osama A. M. Abdelaal, Saied M. H. Darwish
  • Molecular Dynamics Study of Oligomer-Membrane Complexes with Biomedical Relevance / André F. Ferreira, Patrícia Alves
  • Methods to Prevent or Mitigate Accidents with Large Animals / Wolfgang Sinz, Heinz Hoschopf
  • Using Quality Function Deployment Methodology to Translate Qualitative to Quantitative Requirements in the Design a of a Knee Re-trainer / Alejandro Luna-Avilés
  • Research Advances and Perspective of Multi-Articulated and Robotic Hands / Luis Héctor Hernández-Gómez
  • Effects of Rice Husk as a Precursor on Crystallization Kinetic of Glass Ceramics Derived from 45S5 Bioglass® / Wilaiwan Leenakul, Sukum Eitssayeam
  • Analysis of the Bioactive Surface of Ti-35Nb-7Zr Alloy After Alkaline Treatment and Solution Body Fluid / S. G. Schneider, A. L. A. Escada
  • Structural and Compositional Characterization of Silverfil Amalgam / Chanthiriga Ramasindarum
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (l-Lactic Acid) for Use in Drug Delivery System / Mauro Cesar Terence, Nilson Casimiro Pereira
  • Histological Analysis of the Osseointegration of Ti-30Ta Dental Implants After Surface Treatment / Ana Paula Rosifini Alves Claro
  • Innovation Technology to Engineer 3D Living Organs as Intelligent Diagnostic Tools / Hossein Hosseinkhani
  • Soil: A Material for Bio-Compatible and Eco-Sustainable Contemporary Buildings / Dora Francese, Paulo Mendonça
  • New Materials for Ecological Building Products / Dora Francese, Giuseppe Mensitieri
  • Analysis of Failure Mechanism of Forced Convection in the Cornea of the Human Eye / Humberto Dória Silva
  • Microstructure and Properties of Nanostructured Calcium Phosphate/Titania Porous Coatings via Micro Arc Oxidation / Sakine Abbasi, Hamid Reza Rezaie
  • Simulation of Variation of Intraocular Pressure / Humberto Dória Silva.
This collection of recent activities provides researchers and scientists with the latest trends in characterization and developments of biosystems and biomaterials. Well known experts present their research in materials for drug delivery, dental implants and filling materials, biocompatible membranes, bioactive surface coatings and bio-compatible and eco-sustainable building materials. In The book covers also topics like microorganisms, the human eye, the musculoskeletal system and human body parts.
Öchsner, Andreas.
Silva, Lucas Filipe Martins da, 1973-
Altenbach, Holm, 1956-
Available in another form:
Print version: Characterization and development of biosystems and biomaterials. Berlin ; London : Springer, 2012 9783642314698 (OCoLC)817271430
Advanced structured materials ; v. 29
Advanced structured materials ; 29.

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