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Morphology and evolution of turtles [electronic resource] / edited by Donald B. Brinkman, Patricia A. Holroyd, James D. Gardner.



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Publication date:
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, c2013.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • 1 online resource : ill. (some col.)
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Part 1. Perspectives on the Life and Accomplishments of Eugene S. Gaffney
  • Eugene S. Gaffney: A Professional Biography and Bibliography / Robert L. Carroll
  • Autobiography (Through May 2009) / Eugene S. Gaffney.
  • Part 2. The Origin of Turtles
  • Problems of the Ancestry of Turtles / Robert L. Carroll
  • Origin of the Turtle Body Plan: The Folding Theory to Illustrate Turtle-Specific Developmental Repatterning / Hiroshi Nagashima, Shigehiro Kuraku, Katsuhisa Uchida, Yoshie Kawashima-Ohya and Yuichi Narita, et al.
  • The Evolution of the Turtle Shell / Olivier Rieppel
  • Three Ways to Tackle the Turtle: Integrating Fossils, Comparative Embryology, and Microanatomy / Torsten M. Scheyer, Ingmar Werneburg, Christian Mitgutsch, Massimo Delfino and Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra
  • Geometric and Developmental Perspectives on the Evolution of the Skull and Internal Carotid Circulation in Turtles / Tetsuto Miyashita.
  • Part 3. The Early Diversification of Turtles
  • New Material of the Platychelyid Turtle Notoemyszapatocaensis from the Early Cretaceous of Colombia; Implications for Understanding Pleurodira Evolution / Edwin A. Cadena, Carlos A. Jaramillo and Jonathan I. Bloch
  • Spoochelys ormondea gen. et sp. nov., an Archaic Meiolaniid-Like Turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Lightning Ridge, Australia / Elizabeth T. Smith and Benjamin P. Kear
  • Turtles from the Jurassic Shishugou Formation of the Junggar Basin, People's Republic of China, with Comments on the Basicranial Region of Basal Eucryptodires / Donald B. Brinkman, David A. Eberth, Xing Xu, James M. Clark and Xiao-Chun Wu
  • Rediscovery of the Carapace of the Lost Holotype of the Purbeck Turtle Cheloneobovata Owen 1842 / Andrew R. Milner
  • Kappachelys okurai gen. et sp. nov., a New Stem Soft-Shelled Turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Japan / Ren Hirayama, Shinji Isaji and Tsuyoshi Hibino
  • Morphology and Relationships of Brachyopsemys tingitana gen. et sp. nov. from the Early Paleocene of Morocco and Recognition of the New Eucryptodiran Turtle Family: Sandownidae / Haiyan Tong and Peter Meylan.
  • Part 4. Pleurodire Diversity and Biogeography
  • A New Long-Necked Turtle, Laganemys tenerensis (Pleurodira: Araripemydidae), from the Elrhaz Formation (Aptian-Albian) of Niger / Paul C. Sereno and Sara J. ElShafie
  • Two Synchronic and Sympatric Bothremydidae Taxa (Chelonii, Pleurodira) in the Late Cretaceous Site of "Lo Hueco" (Cuenca, Spain) / Adán Pérez-García, Francisco Ortega and Xabier Murelaga
  • New Information about Pelomedusoides (Testudines: Pleurodira) from the Cretaceous of Brazil / Pedro S. R. Romano, Gustavo R. Oliveira, Sergio A. K. Azevedo, Alexander W. A. Kellner and Diogenes de Almeida Campos
  • Nostimochelonelampra gen. et sp. nov., an Enigmatic New Podocnemidoidean Turtle from the Early Miocene of Northern Greece / Georgios L. Georgalis, Evangelos Velitzelos, Dimitrios E. Velitzelos and Benjamin P. Kear
  • A New Species of Bairdemys (Pelomedusoides: Podocnemididae) from the Oligocene (Early Chattian) Chandler Bridge Formation of South Carolina, USA, and Its Paleobiogeographic Implications for the Genus / Robert E. Weems and James L. Knight.
  • Part 5. Diversity, Biogeography, and Paleobiology of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Turtles
  • Preliminary Overview of Late Cretaceous Turtle Diversity in Eastern Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, and Romania) / Márton Rabi, Mátyás Vremir and Haiyan Tong
  • Re-Assessment of Late Campanian (Kirtlandian) Turtles from the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland and Kirtland Formations, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA / Robert M. Sullivan, Steven E. Jasinski and Spencer G. Lucas
  • A New Species of Neurankylus from the Milk River Formation (Cretaceous: Santonian) of Alberta, Canada, and a Revision of the Type Species N. eximius / Derek W. Larson, Nicholas R. Longrich, David C. Evans and Michael J. Ryan
  • Redescription of Zangerlia dzamynchondi (Testudines: Nanhsiungchelyidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia, with a Reassessment of the Phylogenetic Position and Relationships of Zangerlia / Igor G. Danilov, Vladimir B. Sukhanov and Elena V. Syromyatnikova
  • Cretaceous Trionychids of Asia: An Expanded Review of Their Record and Biogeography / Igor G. Danilov and Natasha S. Vitek
  • Fossil European Sea Turtles: A Historical Perspective / Richard T. J. Moody, Cyril A. Walker and Sandra D. Chapman
  • Fossil Kinosternidae from the Oligocene and Miocene of Florida, USA / Jason R. Bourque
  • New Turtles from the Paleogene of North America / J. Howard Hutchison.
  • Part 6. Pathologies, Anomalies, and Variation in Turtle Skeletons
  • Osseous and Other Hard Tissue Pathologies in Turtles and Abnormalities of Mineral Deposition / Bruce M. Rothschild, Hans-Peter Schultze and Rodrigo Pellegrini
  • Morphological Variation in the Carapace and Plastron of Terrapenecoahuila Schmidt and Owens 1944 / Robert W. Burroughs, Christopher J. Bell, Travis J. LaDuc and Dean A. Hendrickson.
Brinkman, Donald.
Holroyd, Patricia A.
Gardner, James D.
Vertebrate paleobiology and paleoanthropology, 1877-9077
Vertebrate paleobiology and paleoanthropology.

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