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Cement-based materials for nuclear waste storage [electronic resource] / Florence Bart...[et al.], editors.



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New York, NY : Springer, c2013.
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  • 1 online resource : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Part 1. Methods of production of cement-waste forms
  • A Summary of IAEA Coordinated Research Project on Cementitious Materials for Radioactive Waste Management / Z. Drace and M. I. Ojovan
  • R&D on Cementation of Pulp with Complex Physical and Chemical Composition Stored in Tanks at the Mining Chemical Combine / L. P. Sukhanov, K. P. Zakharova, N. A. Naumenko, O. N. Pogorelko and A. V. Lebedeva, et al.
  • Cementation in High Energy Mixer of ILW Surrogate Slurry. Demonstration of the Process at Semi-industrial Scale / G. Cardinal, P. Regnard, E. Tronche and L. Donnet.
  • Part 2. Physico-chemical processes occurring in cement-waste forms at early age
  • Hydration of Blended Cements / B. Lothenbach
  • Application of a Sub-lattice Model to Predictions of Cement Hydrate Chemistry / J. A. Gisby, M. Tyrer, R. H. Davies, A. T. Dinsdale and C. S. Walker, et al.
  • Characterization and Solubility Determination of the Solid-Solution Between AFm-I2 and AFm-SO4 / L. Aimoz, E. Wieland, D. A. Kulik, B. Lothenbach and M. A. Glaus, et al..
  • Part 3. Influence of external and internal factors on long term properties of cement-waste package and cement barriers
  • Coupling Between Leaching and Mechanical Behaviour of Concrete / J. M. Torrenti, T. de Larrard and F. Benboudjema
  • Coupled Mechanical and Chemo-Transport Model for the Simulation of Cementitious Materials Subjected to External Sulfate Attack / B. Bary, N. Leterrier, E. Deville and P. Le Bescop
  • Micro- and Macroscopic Investigations of Actinide Binding in Cementitious Materials / E. Wieland, R. Dähn, X. Gaona, N. Macé and J. Tits
  • A New Radionuclide Sorption Database for Benchmark Cement Accounting for Geochemical Evolution of Cement / L. Wang, M. Ochs, D. Mallants, L. Vielle-Petit and E. Martens, et al.
  • On the Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Ionic Species Through Porous Materials / H. Mercado, S. Lorente and X. Bourbon
  • Moisture Transport Properties of Cement-Based Materials for Engineered Barriers in Radioactive Waste Disposal / X. Y. Pang, K. F. Li and C. Q. Li
  • Simulation of Gas Hydrogen Diffusion Through Partially Water Saturated Monomodal Materials / C. Boher, S. Lorente, F. Frizon and F. Bart
  • Microbial Catalysis of Redox Reactions in Concrete Cells of Nuclear Waste Repositories: A Review and Introduction / A. Albrecht, A. Bertron and M. Libert
  • Leaching of Nuclear Waste Glass in Cement Pore Water: Effect of Calcium in Solution / S. Depierre, F. Frizon, S. Gin and F. Angeli.
  • Part 4. Emerging and alternative cementitious systems
  • Alternative Binders to Ordinary Portland Cement for Radwaste Solidification and Stabilization / C. Cau-dit-Coumes
  • Leaching of a Simulated ZnCl2-Rich Radwaste Stabilized with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement: Experimental Investigation and First Attempt of Modeling / S. Berger, G. Aouad, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, P. Le Bescop and D. Damidot
  • Conditioning Highly Concentrated Borate Solutions with Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement / J. B. Champenois, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, A. Poulesquen, P. Le Bescop and D. Damidot
  • The Effect of Supplementary Pulverised Fuel Ash on Calcium Aluminate Phosphate Cement for Intermediate-Level Waste Encapsulation / P. Swift, H. Kinoshita and N. C. Collier
  • Rheological Behavior of Alkali-Activated Metakaolin During Geopolymerization / A. Poulesquen, F. Frizon and D. Lambertin
  • Prediction of Long-Term Chemical Evolution of a Low-pH Cement Designed for Underground Radioactive Waste Repositories / T. Bach, I. Pochard, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, C. Mercier and A. Nonat
  • Round Robin Test for Defining an Accurate Protocol to Measure the Pore Fluid pH of Low-pH Cementitious Materials / M. C. Alonso, J. L. García Calvo, S. Pettersson, I. Puigdomenech and M. A. Cuñado, et al.
Bart, Florence.

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