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Behavioral neurobiology of alcohol addiction [electronic resource] / Wolfgang H. Sommer, Rainer Spanagel, editors.



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Publication date:
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2013.
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Includes bibliographical references.
  • Theoretical Frameworks and Mechanistic Aspects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction as a Reward Deficit Disorder / George F. Koob
  • Synaptic Effects Induced by Alcohol / David M. Lovinger and Marisa Roberto
  • Signaling Pathways Mediating Alcohol Effects / Dorit Ron and Robert O. Messing
  • Neurocircuitry Involved in the Development of Alcohol Addiction: The Dopamine System and its Access Points / Bo Söderpalm and Mia Ericson
  • What is in that Drink: The Biological Actions of Ethanol, Acetaldehyde, and Salsolinol / Gerald A. Deehan Jr., Mark S. Brodie and Zachary A. Rodd
  • Modeling the Diagnostic Criteria for Alcohol Dependence with Genetic Animal Models / John C. Crabbe, Kenneth S. Kendler and Robert J. Hitzemann
  • Non-Human Primate Models of Alcohol-Related Phenotypes: The Influence of Genetic and Environmental Factors / Christina S. Barr
  • Genetically Selected Alcohol Preferring Rats to Model Human Alcoholism / Roberto Ciccocioppo
  • Advanced Transgenic Approaches to Understand Alcohol-Related Phenotypes in Animals / Ainhoa Bilbao
  • Modeling Alcohol Self-Administration in the Human Laboratory / Ulrich S. Zimmermann, Sean O'Connor and Vijay A. Ramchandani
  • Animal Models of Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Rodents / Howard C. Becker
  • Modeling Relapse Situations in the Human Laboratory / Rajita Sinha
  • Modeling Relapse in Animals / Rémi Martin-Fardon and Friedbert Weiss
  • Invertebrate Models of Alcoholism / Henrike Scholz and Julie A. Mustard
  • The Dopamine System in Mediating Alcohol Effects in Humans / K. Charlet, A. Beck and A. Heinz
  • Stimulant and Sedative Effects of Alcohol / Reuben A. Hendler, Vijay A. Ramchandani, Jodi Gilman and Daniel W. Hommer
  • Chronic Alcohol Consumption, Abstinence and Relapse: Brain Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies in Animals and Humans / Dieter J. Meyerhoff, Timothy C. Durazzo and Gabriele Ende
  • Translational Approaches to Medication Development / Selena Bartlett and Markus Heilig
  • New Pharmacological Treatment Strategies for Relapse Prevention / Rainer Spanagel and Valentina Vengeliene
  • The Challenge of Studying Parallel Behaviors in Humans and Animal Models / David N. Stephens, Hans S. Crombag and Theodora Duka
  • A Translational Approach to Novel Medication Development for Protracted Abstinence / Barbara J. Mason and Amanda E. Higley
  • New Approaches to Addiction Treatment Based on Learning and Memory / Falk Kiefer and Christina Dinter
  • Adolescent Substance Misuse: Neurobiology and Evidence-Based Interventions / Nicola C. Newton, Maeve O'Leary-Barrett and Patricia J. Conrod
  • Deep Brain Stimulation as a Therapy for Alcohol Addiction / Thomas F. Münte, Hans-Jochen Heinze and Veerle Visser-Vandewalle.
Sommer, Wolfgang H.
Spanagel, R. (Rainer), 1961-
Current topics in behavioral neurosciences, 1866-3370 ; 13
Current topics in behavioral neurosciences 13.

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