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Energy optimization in process systems and fuel cells [electronic resource] / by Stanislaw Sieniutycz, Jacek Jezowski.



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Sieniutycz, Stanislaw.
Publication date:
2nd ed. - Oxford : Elsevier, 2013.
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Previous ed.: 2009.
Energy optimization and integration of energy systems is becoming more important in today's world, which is struggling with high energy prices, imminent energy shortages, and global pollution. Therefore, there is a strong need for sustainable energy supplies such as fuel cells that enjoy increasing interest due to their high efficiency and low pollution potential. This book covers the optimization and integration of energy systems. The author is a world-renowned specialist with extensive didactic experience. His systematic approach uses thermodynamics, kinetics and economics to study the effect of equipment size, environmental parameters and economic factors on optimal power production and heat integration. He shows that reduction of costs can be achieved, in particular costs of utilities common in the chemical industry. The 2e contains substantial revisions and modifications and focuses on the rapid progress in the field of fuel cells and discusses the latest developments in the energy theory on fuel cells and recent findings in the optimization and optical control of fuel cell systems. New second edition contains new material and extensive revisions, giving the state-of-the-art overview of the field, and in particular of high value for researchers involved in fuel cell modelling and energy managementAddition of fuel cell theory that is unified with the theory of flow energy systems, which broadens the scope and usefulness of the bookPresents an integrated approach to energy optimization and processes using thermodynamics, kinetics, and systems theory principles. This does not exist in the literature so far, making the book essential for researchers in the field of energy optimization and fuel cellsDiscusses engineering applications including power generation, resource upgrading, radiation conversion and chemical transformation, in static and dynamic systems, making the book a practical guideClarifies how to identify thermal and chemical constraints and incorporate them into optimization models and solutions, helping you to recognise potential limitations and providing tools to cope with themContains applications of various optimization methods and approaches which are helpful to solve the problems of the power maximization and the problems of the optimal use of energy and resources, as they arise in chemical, mechanical and environmental engineering.
Jeżowski, Jacek.
Available in another form:
Print version: Sieniutycz, Stanislaw. Energy optimization in process systems and fuel cells. 2nd ed. Oxford : Elsevier, 2013 9780080982212 (OCoLC)820107165

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