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Interpretation of Hebrew names / Saint Jerome : manuscript codex.


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Langton, Stephen, -1228.
Earliest possible date:
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[Southern England?, early 13th century]
  • Manuscript/Archive
  • 1 volume, 42 leaves, 220 x 145 mm.
56 lines to full page; double column ruled throughtout, very clear small Gothic hand in black ink. Slightly later 8- and 4-line additions at end. 3-line ex libris, substantially erased, of Antonio de Robiate, Rector of St. Fidelis in Milan (14th century). Early, possibly original, thick wooden boards, modern leather spine. The supposed title of the work is written in dark ink on the inside of the front board in an early modern script.
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The text comprises a long alphabetical list of Latinized Hebrew words, followed by their meanings, translations or explanations. Mostly they are names of characters in the Old Testament such as David ("manu fortis"), Jethro ("honorabilis"), Ruth, Obadiah, Naomi, etc. as well as places like Hebron and Jericho ("luna... ut odor eius") but also frequently used words, e.g. omen ("sum fiat"). The text exists in both long and short versions -- this is the long, much fuller, and much to be preferred. [Notes from dealer description]
Purchased, 2013. Accession 2013-041.
The manuscript of the interpretation of Hebrew names was intended for use with a "Paris" (or standardized) manuscript Bible to which it is sometimes appended, and was traditionally attributed to Saint Jerome. In fact, though derived from Saint Jerome, the more immediate author is probably Stephen Langton.
No evidence exists of modern provenance later than the fourteenth-century ownership as noted in the bookseller's description.

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